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Olympics 2016

Every summer I think I’m going to have all this extra time because there are no real schedules and my older girls are home to help and play with the younger boys.  Problem is, I’m a sucker for fun so we’ve been playing hard leaving little time to get work done.  Rest assured I have some BIG things in the works and helpful blog posts to write.  It may just not be until the kids start back in school.

We just got back from a weekend in Lake Powell.  I’ll be sharing some photos from that soon and some tips on vacation photography.  But for now, I’ve got Olympics on the brain.

I’m SO pumped for the Olympics!!!  12 years ago we had our first child in the middle of the Olympics and I just sat and held our newborn and binge watched every Olympic event possible.  Track and Field, Curling, Fencing, Swimming, Gymnastics….you name it, I watched it.  It was actually the perfect time to have a newborn because there was always something to watch in the middle of the night while I tried to figure out how to feed this new human and how to keep her from crying.  I really could have used the Olympics several years later when we had our third kid who apparently didn’t want to leave heaven cause he was pissed the second he was born and didn’t stop crying much for the next year.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen the Olympic video NBC’s been showing, it’s worth the watch.  My four year old is now obsessed with this song.  And it’s a good one to listen to when you’re exercising and want to quit.  Love me a good motivational song and competitive spirit to work hard.  I’m always so inspired by Olympic athletes and the level of dedication they have to reach the ultimate stage of sporting events.

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