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Change the way you document life. Forever.

We’re all taking photos, but are we taking of photos of the right things in the right way?  Are we really documenting our families or do we just have a handful or photos of what people look like?  What are the stories we’re telling with our photos?  And how are we telling them?

I wrote the Every Day Photos Guide with the intent to help people change the way they think about photo documenting.  To help us all stop taking photos of just what things look like, and focus more on capturing what life FEELS like. Capturing who people are and why their stories matter. The every day moments and things that make up our lives.

The Every Day Photos Guide is ON SALE (first time ever) for just $11 (almost 50% savings) until midnight on December 12th!!  You can read all about the guide and its value RIGHT HERE.

If you don’t have this guide already, now is the time.  For the cost of one lunch, you can change the way you look at taking photos forever.  I guarantee it.  If you aren’t 100% happy with the e-book, just e-mail me within 14 days of your purchase and I’ll refund the money so there’s no risk to you.

The Every Day Photos guide–you’re guide to documenting your story through photos!!



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