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Alcatraz–a family session

One might think Alcatraz an odd place to do a family photo session.  Turns out it’s amazing for photos.  I flew out to California and spent a day with my brother, his wife, and their daughter for a day in San Francisco and some photos at Alcatraz (one of my brother’s favorite places).  I’d never been to Alcatraz before.  It was fascinating.  And FULL of awesome places for photos.  We just had to avoid all the people (easier than I thought it would be) and the wind on one side of the island (it was crazy windy and cold on the west side).

This was definitely my kind of family session.

2015-12-02_0054 2015-12-02_0039 2015-12-02_0040 2015-12-02_0038 2015-12-02_0044 2015-12-02_0042 2015-12-02_0043 2015-12-02_0041 2015-12-02_0045 2015-12-02_0046 2015-12-02_0047 2015-12-02_0050 2015-12-02_0033 2015-12-02_0035 2015-12-02_0036

2015-12-02_0048 2015-12-02_0020 2015-12-02_0018 2015-12-02_0019 2015-12-02_0027 2015-12-02_0026 2015-12-02_0025 2015-12-02_0032 2015-12-02_0031 2015-12-02_0030 2015-12-02_0029 2015-12-02_0024 2015-12-02_0022 2015-12-02_0023

Easily one of my favorite family photo sessions I’ve ever done.  Alcatraz.  Who would’ve thought.

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