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Weird winter.

It forgot to snow this year in Utah.  It pretty much forgot it was winter completely.  I think it only snowed 3 times at our house.  Huge bummer for someone like me who loves seasons.

The plus side was not having to deal with snow clothes on kids.  Not my favorite.  So the one time it did snow a few weeks ago, I pretty much forced these two to put their snow clothes on and let me take some photos.


A few photo tips for anyone who cares.

When taking portrait type photos like this, I get them as close to a window as I can.  This front room in our house has the best natural light so it’s where I take a lot of our photos.  I also try not to ask them to look at me for at least a few of the shots.  If I’m always saying “look at the camera” I miss photos like this one.


Then I’ll get a few looking at the camera photos but I still try to let them do their thing and show a little personality without giving them much direction.



When I’m shooting a close-up photo like this, I always always always focus on their eyes.


I always try to take at least one or two “detail” shots.


And then I just let them go and try not to interrupt what they’re doing.  I just sit, observe, and take a boat load of photos.  And watch them shovel the road instead of our driveway.

2015-04-09_0012 2015-04-09_0011 2015-04-09_0010 2015-04-09_0009 2015-04-09_0008 2015-04-09_0007

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