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Miles for Mitchell. Mitchell’s Journey 2015

I stumbled across Mitchell’s Journey by “accident.”  Still not sure how I got there.  But one of the very first Facebook posts I read was this:


With all that has happened I am grateful that I have always been liberal in taking photos; because seemingly ordinary moments way back when are priceless today.  Without apology or a moment’s thought I captured everything: the boredom, the laughter, the tears, the drama and on few occasions extreme hardships.  So, as I have been working through this sacred vault of family photos the saying “sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” has been playing over and over in my mind.  And with each photo-set I poured over that saying was reinforced.  I never delete the blurry or over/under-exposed photos, either.  I’ve noticed, as time passes, that I begin to see magic where I once saw mistakes….So, my advice to everyone and anyone I know is to take photos.  Take them like a paparazzi.  In sickness and in health, in happiness or sorrow…photographs fuel memory….and memory fuels the heart and soul…

…there are no ordinary moments.  Not one.  I am so grateful for happy memories.  And because we have photos of these moments…lots of them…our joys and memories are all the richer.”


I knew after reading that, that this would be a journey I would follow.  A message I believe in with my WHOLE HEART.  There are no ordinary moments.  “Photographs fuel memory.  And memory fuels the heart and soul.”  The EVERY DAY moments that make up the stories of our lives.

Mitchell Jones was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease which results in progressive muscle deterioration and is fatal by late teens/early twenties.  By the age of 10, Mitchell’s heart function had deteriorated faster than expected and in less than a year he passed away from acute heart failure in March of 2013.

His dad, Chris Jones, started a Facebook page to chronicle his sons journey but it has become so much more than that.  It is a place of inspiration, hope, and LOVE.  Instead of being bitter and angry, Mitchell’s dad is sharing his grief, and healing hearts all over the world.


Last Saturday I was able to photograph a charity 5K put together by Mitchell’s family (and lots of volunteers) to raise money and awareness for this horrible disease.

I’ve been to a lot of races.  And though I always tear-up at the start of every race (something about that race spirit), I will never forget this one.  A brave little boy who made the most of a life he didn’t choose.  And a family that chooses to share their grief with the world to spread hope and healing to a world desperately in need of both.


Here are some photos of the race.  And there’s a little video at the end for those who dig those kind of things (you know, the kind of things that make you cry).

2015-04-27_0015 2015-04-27_0016

2015-04-27_0001 2015-04-27_0002 2015-04-27_0018 2015-04-27_0017

2015-04-27_0003 2015-04-27_0004 2015-04-27_0026 2015-04-27_0025 2015-04-27_0005 2015-04-27_0006 2015-04-27_0007 2015-04-27_0008 2015-04-27_0011 2015-04-27_0012 2015-04-27_0020 2015-04-27_0013 2015-04-27_0022 2015-04-27_0014 2015-04-27_0021 2015-04-27_0023 2015-04-27_0024 2015-04-27_0027 2015-04-27_0010 2015-04-27_0028 2015-04-27_0030 2015-04-27_0032 2015-04-27_0033 2015-04-27_0034 2015-04-27_0035 2015-04-27_0009 2015-04-27_0036 2015-04-27_0037 2015-04-27_0038 2015-04-27_0039 2015-04-27_0040 2015-04-27_0041 2015-04-27_0046 2015-04-27_0047 2015-04-27_0048 2015-04-27_0049 2015-04-27_0050 2015-04-27_0029 2015-04-27_0031

You can also catch an interview Chris did about the importance of taking every day photos HERE.

Miles for Mitchell.  “Because his broken heart touched mine.”

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