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Kids are here

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the mess.  The mess of having my little people in the home. The constant picking up.  Things left here and there and EVERYwhere.  Sticky.  Crumbs.  Toys. Legos.  Broken Crayons.  Wet towels.  Backpacks.  Spilled milk.  Doll clothes.  Stuff.  Stuff.  Stuff.  Anywhere.  And did I mention everywhere?

I was researching a different project and I came across a website “Kids Were Here” and it inspired me to try something different.  To stop.  And pay attention.  And appreciate the littleness around me.  The learning.  The exploring.  The playing.  The living.  And even the mess making.


I won’t lie and say I always (or ever) love the mess and toys left about.  But doing this project over the past few weeks has helped me to be less frustrated and more grateful for my kids and the every day stuff.   The residue left behind by happy, healthy, active, and loved kids.

Photographing the every day moments, like these, helps me to slooooow down.  To look.  To be aware and present.  And sometimes even helps me appreciate the mess.  For just a second.  (And then I make them clean it up.)


Try it.  For a week.  Stop and photograph the sign that kids are there.  Use your “nice” camera.  Use your phone (be sure to read my phone photography tips first).  Whatever you have.  Just stop and pay attention.  And document the evidence there are kids there.  The little things that make up their days.  The messes and the toys and the projects.  Pay attention more to how those things actually make you feel.  Instead of seeing those messes and fingerprints and things left behind as a nuisance, see how you feel after a week of photographing it.  My guess is it will change you.  Even if just a little bit.


More than anything, these photos just make me smile.  Cause kids are awesome.  And sometimes maybe I forget just how awesome they really are.  Photographs help me remember.


Kids are here.


2015-02-16_0001 2015-02-16_0011 2015-02-16_0003 2015-02-16_0005 2015-02-16_0002 2015-02-16_0006 2015-02-16_0008 2015-02-16_0012 2015-02-16_0009 2015-02-16_0010 2015-02-16_0015 2015-02-16_0013 2015-02-16_0014 2015-02-16_0016 2015-02-16_0020 2015-02-16_0017 2015-02-16_0018 2015-02-16_0019

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  • Tessie

    Loved this Lindsay! What a great reminder. I am going to try it 🙂ReplyCancel

  • […] them. The reminders that little people are here. And little people are awesome. And then I shared my “Kids are here” photos. And I was quite surprised at the overwhelming response it […]ReplyCancel

  • Lynn

    I no longer have little kids, but boy oh boy can my cats make a big mess! Especially the one year old. Catnip puff balls everywhere. 😉 I need to take more pics. Great post! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • ltross17

      Hey Lynn,
      You can still get fun photos of big kids (if they’re still in the house) or grandkids! And I grew up with a million different cats. They definitely leave evidence around.ReplyCancel

  • Maureen

    Hi Lindsay! I found your blog via a Becky Higgins post and decided to come take a look. We don’t have kids but we do have a puppy and your post has inspired me to take more pictures of the evidence that she is here and part of our family! Your pictures are great and they brought a smile to my face. Nicely captured and I’m sure your little cuties will appreciate that you took these when they are older!ReplyCancel

    • ltross17

      I don’t have a puppy, but from what I’ve heard, it’s just like having a kid. I’m sure there is plenty of evidence around of the puppy and would make for some fun photos!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie

    Best photo idea ever. My son is grown now and I wish I’d captured the army guys in the fridge, and all the other reminders of the fact that he is in my life and the joy he brings me.ReplyCancel

    • ltross17

      Army guys everywhere. Legos everywhere. Little boys are awesome. But hey, now you have the idea for when grandkids hopefully come along!ReplyCancel

  • Such a great post! I used to get so frustrated with my kiddo’s messes, but then as I see her grow up so quickly, I realized how important it was to document the ‘now’. Maybe that way when she has kiddo’s of her own, I can get her to back off her little ones by showing her the mess she used to make. ReplyCancel

    • ltross17

      So true. And I think she’ll love seeing the messes she made and what she was like as a kid. My siblings claim I was super messy growing up, but there’s not physical evidence (no photos). It would be interesting to see how messy I really was.ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    Thank you so much —- you don’t know what this one article has done for me and my stress level! Now I stop and think…….I grab my camera and I end up giggling instead of feeling frustrated!ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for this. What a great idea. I love the reminder to take photos of this stuff. I always joke with my son that his socks seem to be growing everywhere in the house. I need to snap some photos. 🙂ReplyCancel

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