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The best way to hang your photos

Hanging photos can be a big pain.  Unless you do it this way.  I use Velcro strips.  On this project I use Command strips, but there are a lot of choices in the picture hanging aisle of any store that sells that kind of stuff (Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s).

The huge advantage of velcro (instead of the double sticky type hanging stuff) is that you can adjust the photo once you press it to the wall.  So if it’s not quite level, or not lined up, you can pull the photo off and one side of the velcro stays attached to the wall.  Then you can adjust the photo to the right place, and press it back against the velcro still on the wall.  Works like a champ.


I use this on matboard prints like these:


It also works on frames.  If the frames are bigger and heavier, I would just add more velcro strips.


The how to.  Get your strips and attach them to the frame.   This frame wasn’t super heavy so I just used 4 strips, one in each corner.  On my matboard prints I use one in each corner, one on top and bottom and one in the middle.


Figure out where you want to hang them on the wall and mark with a pencil.  If you’re lining up a bunch of frames, get the first one on there and then line them up from there.


Once the strips are on the frame or matboard, press the photo firmly to the wall and hold for about 30 seconds just to make sure it sticks well.

If the photo isn’t where you want it, carefully peel it off the velcro and adjust.


Once you get that first one where you want it, then you can use a level to hang the others (if there are others).  If you aren’t lining up the frames, just use a level to make pencil marks where you want each frame to go.


Easy.  Relatively fast.  No hammers or nails.  I’ve had to remove the strips from one wall and those ones came off clean without removing paint.  I peeled verrrrry slowly.



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