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Happy New Year. Let’s start it by giving something away!

I have big plans for 2015.  I’m determined more than ever to work hard and play hard.  I have a lot of things planned for my blog and business, as well as a lot of things planned for my family and life.  I’ll be sharing some of those in the next few days.


But I wanted to start the year off by giving something away.  Because it turns out, I like to give stuff away. Like everything that’s causing clutter in my house.  But since not all of you want to be my DI, I’m giving away something else as well (and will continue to give away great stuff throughout the year).


I’m giving away one FREE Funbooth Session (valued at $225)!  You can read all about Funbooth sessions here.  And see the Funbooth session I did with my own family here and how I display the photos.


I designed Funbooth sessions with the intent to take the stress out of family photos.  No fuss.  No fluff.  No stress.  Simple.  Easy.  Fast.  And Awesome.



The Giveaway is running through my Instagram feed.  So head over there real quick and enter.  Rules are posted on the IG feed.  It’s easy to enter.  And I’d love if you followed me there too as I share lots of stuff I never actually blog about.  My Instagram handle is @ltross


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