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Videos to lift the soul

I hear people bag on Facebook a lot.  Which I understand.  But my usual response when people say Facebook makes them feel bad is “You’re following the wrong people”.  That and “don’t ever read the comments”.  Why do people think the comment sections in Facebook are a space they can say whatever they want without regards to the human people they’re hurting on the other end?  Facebook comments are usually a breeding ground for Satan’s army.  Just don’t read them.


The truth is, there are (and can be) a LOT of good things on Facebook.  Like these videos I’m sharing below.  All things friends of mine shared on Facebook.  We can and MUST use the Internet for good!


These are sure to lift the soul and inspire us to create a better day!!  Definitely worth watching.

For more inspiration, check out these TED talks definitely worth listening to!

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