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Giveaway winner and Thankfulness

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the Giveaway.  I think this prize was worth the small effort to enter.  Hopefully the winner can use it to get started (or catch up) on documenting their family story!


The (random) winner is:  Madeleine Brown

Please e-mail me at ltross17@yahoo.com to claim your prize!!


And a sincere thank you to all of my readers.  This whole blogging thing is WAY more work than I ever knew it would be, but it’s fun work (mostly).  And I don’t take it for granted that you spend time in your day to read what I have to write.  I am intentional about what I put on here and put each post through a few “requirements” before they ever hit the blog.  I want to be helpful.  And I want to put more good into the world.   I appreciate all of you for taking time to read and be engaged with this blog community.  Truly.  Thank you.


I work hard to teach my kids gratitude throughout the year as I’m sure all parents do.  I see all these fun ideas on Pinterest how to make thankful trees and thankful jars and thankful everythings, but the truth is, I don’t super dig crafting.  That’s not where I like to spend my time.  So this year, for the month of November, we’re going simple, which in my book is almost always better for me.  I cut up squares of paper.  Each day we write at least ONE thing we’re thankful for (there’s no limit to how many we can write each day) and then we tape those super fancy squares to the wall.  It’s a thankful wall to remind us how much we have to be thankful for. It only took me a week into November to finally get it started.  Story of my life.


Thank you again.  To all of you.  I always appreciate feedback and am more than happy to answer questions if you ever have them.  Please don’t be afraid to ask.  I’m nice.

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