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The best kind of newborn photography

Newborn photography is my FAVORITE.  Especially when it’s a niece (or nephew).

If you’re having a baby, you NEED newborn photos.  This isn’t a want.  It’s a NEED.  Like more than diapers.  You’ll never regret these photos from the first weeks of their life.  When they were sweet, and new, and smelled good, and slept all-day-long.  Find a photographer with a style and personality you like and find the money for a shoot.  It’s SO SO worth it.


My brother and his wife welcomed this little lady a few weeks early and by an unexpected c-section arrival in the wee hours of the morning.  I was supposed to photograph the birth, but since it happened fast and in the OR, the docs wouldn’t let me in (some lame excuse about infection or something like that).

So I took pictures of the empty hallway until we got our first glimpse of the princess-to-be.

A few different slideshows below (click the arrows to scroll through the pictures).

The initial hospital photographs just moments after she was born.


Then we did a few at the hospital before she got to come home.


And then a newborn shoot at their home.


And just for the record, I don’t normally wrap newborns in lights, but she has enough pink to last a life-time and my brother likes to do weird stuff so we pinkified her just for fun.  She didn’t seem to care.

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