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Embracing change

I wanted to get my girls haircut before spending a week in Lake Powell, hoping to avoid brushing out tangles that seem to form just by looking in their general direction.

On the way there, Mya announced “I want to cut my hair short”.

Usually my response to any sort of change, especially “big” change, is “are you sure?” or even more accurate “nope”.  

But I’m making a conscious effort to embrace change.  And to teach my kids to not fear change.  And instead ask questions like “why not?” and give answers like “sure, let’s give it a try”.

And Mya is often my greatest example in this.  She’s open minded.  She’s not controlling.  She loves life and ALL it has to offer.  And she’s almost always willing to try something new.  In almost any circumstance.

So short it went.  And it seems to fit her personality.  And will hopefully be far more manageable in the morning after she does who knows what in the night that makes her hair tie itself in knots.

Grateful for a 7 year old who already knows (and hopefully never forgets) that change is good.  It’s usually where adventure waits for us.

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