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“Real Life Stories–Women of Inspiration” Cameron.

Cami and I met through our mutual love of soccer.  She was on my high school soccer team along with her older sister.  And her dad was a referee.  And her brother plays too.  They kind of dominate the soccer world.  
I’ve loved Cami since the day I met her.  One of the most genuine, authentic, wholehearted people I know.  I honestly have never had one bad thing to say about her.  Or even thought one bad thing about her.  Ever.  She’s just a good, good soul.  And I’m pretty sure anyone who knows her would say exactly the same as I.  If I had to make a list of people I’d trust my life with, she’d definitely be on there.
She’s also hilarious.  Like, makes me cry I laugh so hard hilarious.  And she holds the title for the BEST comments on Instagram.  Which obviously makes her cool.


Real Life Stories

1. Give me a quick peek at your story.
Born and raised in Utah. Blessed to grow up in an amazing family that all loves soccer. My family actually moved so I could play high school soccer with my sister. Had the “college experience” at Weber State then got my nursing degree at Westminster College. I’m lucky enough to work just one day a week in the ER at the University of Utah Hospital. I’ve been married to Hans for 7 years and we have two of the coolest kids, Elsie 5 and Cohen 2 1/2. 



2.  Tell me about an “every day moment” you are grateful for


Getting my kids to laugh, like real laugh. I’ve told my daughter that one of my favorite sounds in the world is hearing her laugh. She also has this amazing dimple just below her eye, next to her nose, that shows up when she’s really laughing. And naptime. I’m grateful for nap time everyday.
3.  What is one ambition you have right now
Getting back into shape. I grew up running after a soccer ball. Running, running, running. I don’t want to run anymore. I’ve really been getting into Pilates, Yoga and Kinesis. Loving the strength and confidence it’s giving me. And teaching my kids the importance of exercise. That I’m a better mom when I feel good about myself and am taking care of myself. And there has been an added benefit that I never would have imagined and that’s feeling part of this amazing community of strong women that I see in all my classes. New friendships have been made that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
4.  If you could speak on anything to a large group of women, what would you talk about? Placenta encapsulation. Seriously. I did it with my second and my post partum recovery was night and day different.  
5.  What does the phrase “create a good life story” mean to you?
I think I worry too much about all the little moments. Good and bad. “Oh man, do you think they’ll remember this,” and “Oh man, I hope they remember this.” And I think what I’ve finally decided is that I can’t stress about that everyday, all I can strive to do is make our families life story “over all, hopefully overwhelmingly good,” so that I can look back or my kids can look back and say, “man, we really had it good.” 
6.  Tell me something someone taught you that made an impact on your life
My mom is the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful person I know. She has an impact on my life everyday. But in her actions, big ones, small ones…I have been taught how to be kind, how to be sweet and how to be thoughtful. She has taught me to love everyone. Everyone.
7.  Name one event in your life that has made a significant impact on the course of your life story
Let’s just say I dodged a huge bullet with a certain rockstar boyfriend before I met Hans. It seems obvious to say that I wouldn’t have my kids, I wouldn’t be this happy, but I know for certain. I would not be this happy. I think a lot of us have the tendency to settle for things if they’ve been a certain way for so long (there is so much history, look at all the time I’ve invested, blah, blah, blah) and I think I would have settled for a relationship that was really not that great. It was taking me awhile to emotionally and physically walk away, but then I met Hans and my course was blown out of the water.



8.  What is something you want to accomplish that you haven’t yet.
I would love to be a part of a trauma response team. You know, when there is a disaster somewhere and they need extra medical help you fly to where ever it may be. I would love to be called into action, be on the front lines during those first hours of crisis and use my skills to make a difference.


9.  What photographs are you most grateful for from your childhood or teen years? 
I had an older sister who died at the age of six, I was only 1. I am so grateful for those pictures that we have of her and of us together. We always joke that I’m the black sheep of the family because I have blonde hair and blue eyes while everyone else has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Well, Corinne looked like me. Blonde and blue. 
10.  What are you most proud of? 
Hard to say “most,” but I’m proud of my nursing degree. It took three tries to get in but I was determined and kept at it. My five year relationship with rock star also ended during nursing school which was really rough at the time. But, it also made me get out of bed every day.  I’m also proud of my marriage and my kids. Boring answers, but I like the looks of both at this point and I’m going to give credit where credit is due 😉
11.  What is the best parenting advice/tip someone gave you?
I can’t think of anything eloquent here, I will say, giving your kid Zarbee’s cough syrup with melatonin in it when they’re sick is life changing. They are asleep before you leave the room.
12.  Tell me something you are sure of
That I am loved. By so many people. It’s unfathomable to me that some people have to beg for love, pray for love and I am unconditionally loved. 
13.  What is your favorite quote or your life motto?
It’s not your beliefs that make you a good person, it’s your behavior. 
And also, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.


14.  What is your favorite part about yourself (not a physical trait)? 
I would say my consistency. Whether that means what I make for dinners or that I’ll show up to work when I say I will or that I won’t quit a team early that I’m not enjoying. I’m there, doing what I said I’d do.
15.  What type of photographs do you wish you had more of?
My parents. Especially when I was younger. They are rarely in the pictures, esp my mom. (Note to self, get us in front of the camera more). 
16.  What is something you do to help drive away fear or anxiety?
Talk. Talk and more talk. I also over do, over prepare. I try to control the situation the best I can. If it’s leaving the kids with someone, I try to prepare everything just right, leave notes, call in advance. Then I just have to let it go. I’m not saying this is a good habit, it just helps with the anxiety beforehand. Or does it…
17.  What is your favorite part about being a mom?  Your least favorite part (just keepin it real on this question–I know you love your kids)?
One of my favorite parts is hearing or seeing your kids repeat a lesson that you’ve tried to instill in them. I heard my little girl tell her cousin that “life isn’t always fair,” the other day and I couldn’t stop smiling. I do follow up with, “it’s up to us to decide how we’re going to deal with that,” just FYI. But I think you get my point. I love having real conversations with my kids and having the time and energy to make sure they feel heard and important. You can see it in their eyes and I love that. I love “knowing” your child. There aren’t too many people that know your kids as well as you do and I think that’s really cool. 
One of my least favorite parts is when something that shouldn’t be a big deal becomes a big deal and you have to hold your ground so your kids don’t walk all over you. When you say no to something that really probably would have been okay but now the kid is freaking out so you have to continue saying no so they don’t think that acting out will get them what they want. Makes me feel like a mom fail every time. I’ve been trying to think before I blurt out a quick, “no!” to try to avoid this, but man that’s hard. I’m not doing very well at it. 
18.  Tell me something about yourself that may surprise people
I think people are always surprised to hear that my husband is active LDS and I am not, and get this, we make it work. It’s about mutual goals, respect and love. Also, that I’m quite knowledgeable about road racing, like the Tour de France. The scoring, jersey’s, strategy, who’s a good climber, sprinter. There really is no need for this other than that my husband was really into it, so I took the time to learn.
19.  What’s one thing you wish you would have known when you were younger?
I had some major stress about death/dying…”Sooo, we’re dead, for like ever and ever and ever and…” You get the point. My head still feels like it’s going to explode if I think about it too much, but I’m at peace with it now and I wish I could have been at peace with it growing up. 
And for fun:
Favorite book: The Great Gatsby, The Book Thief
Favorite family tradition: Fourth of July- parade in the morning, Real game that night with fireworks.
Something you enjoy doing with your spouse: Playing soccer, going to Real Salt Lake games.
Talent you wish you had: To be able to ski like my husband. 
Favorite meal: The BBQ Turkey sandwich from The Dodo. Add cheese, salad on the side. 
If you never had to do one specific thing again, what would it be: Pack for a family trip.
Favorite show on TV: New Girl, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Something that scares you: “The Big One,” and the chaos that will ensue after, trying to see if everyone is okay. 
Favorite thing about your husband: Really hard to narrow down, but one of his best qualities is that he’s considerate. He always checks with me first before making any decision that will impact us, our family. He puts everyone else’s needs first and he believes that my time, feelings and opinion matter. His primary goal is to make others around him a priority but he doesn’t lose himself in doing that, it just makes him stand out. 
Something you can’t live without: My pillow that I sleep with in between my knees. It’s not too thick, not too thin. I seriously have the worse nights sleep without it. 
What’s something you think about often: Are the kids safe, are they clean, are they being nice, is it nap time yet, is it bedtime yet, when will Hans be home?

Gosh I love her!
Cameron.  Thank you from every fiber of my being for doing this, but more importantly for being the kind of person who makes me want to live a better, more meaningful life!!  Grateful every day you are my friend!
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    • Jackie–So glad you like these. I love them too!! I think women especially are really hard on themselves and forget how awesome they inherently are. This has been a fun way to remind people!!ReplyCancel

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