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We’re mom’s. We save lives.

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I like to say “I save lives”.  Because truthfully, I do.  All day long.  I’m a mom.   And I think toddlers spend 80% of their day doing things that could kill them.  And we save them. 

And then those toddlers grow up and they continue to do things that could kill them, either physically or emotionally.  And we save them.

This video is worth your time.

The girls say their mom did someting unimaginable.  But she actually didn’t.  Because I know EVERY SINGLE MOM out there would do just what that mom did and jump in front of the car.  Because her babies were inside.  And we love them more than we love our own life.  Notice I didn’t say we love them more than we love ourselves.  I hope we love ourselves just as much as we love our kids.  But we’d definitely be willing to sacrifice our lives for theirs.

So please, please, please, Mom’s, don’t spend your days feeling guilty or sad.  Celebrate.  Celebrate the love you have for those kids.  And the lessons they have taught you that you probably couldn’t learn any other way.

These girls said their mom continues to save their lives every.single.day. 

We save lives.  And you love your kids.  And those kids need YOU.  And THAT makes you a remarkable woman and mother.

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