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The “every day”

When I started doing photography it was 100% for the money.  Not because I was passionate about photography or shutter speeds or f-stops.  Not because I was artistic or creative and I needed an outlet.  Not because I had a “good eye” or was naturally talented at taking pictures.  I saw an opportunity to make money (which I like) photography sports (which I LOVE) so I went for it.

My perspective when I first started as a photographer and my perspective now are radically different.

The truth is, I still don’t take pictures because I’m passionate about photography.  I take pictures because I’m passionate about the people IN the pictures.  And the stories of their lives.


When I learned how to take pictures of people (not just sports), I knew my style wouldn’t be typical.  I quickly started to learn how powerful a photograph can be.  Sounds dramatic, but it’s true.  A photograph can be more than just a photograph.  A photograph can show a persons soul.  It has the ability to tell the world who someone IS.  And that’s not a small thing.


As my style developed as a photographer, my mission became to focus on personality and relationships.  To have emotion in my photographs.  To tell, without words, who someone is.

Sometimes a perfect memory can be ruined if put to words  Nova Ren Suma


I attended a seminar where another photographer said “The power we possess to bring out someone’s inner most soul is an art form.  We allow people to see pas their insecurities and see who they really are.”  I believe that.


This has completely changed the way I take pictures of my own children.  And the importance I give to the photographs I take (and display) of them.


As a parent, one of my main goals is to allow my children to be who they already are.  Images are one way I can help them discover who that is.  Photography has become a tool in my life to help me be a more intentional, present, and aware mom.  To appreciate my children more.  To be aware of who they are and who they are becoming.  To document their lives.  The good AND the bad.  And to document our families story.

Photography has given me more patience.  More love.  More compassion.  More awareness.  And most importantly, more intention to live a purposeful life.  That’s why it’s SO important to me and why I want to share that gift with other people.

It’s the every day stuff.  What they do from day to day that show who they are.  So in my opinion, the pictures I take of my kids in my own home are by far the most important kind.

Photography is a gift because it allows us to see the beauty in what can feel routine and mundane.”  Ashley Campbell.



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